(Presentation) Design tips for VMware vSphere 4

Recently at the Belgium VMUG I gave a presentation in which I covered some design tips for VMware vSphere 4. I talked about some business decisions that, how boring they may seem, are crucial for your design. I covered some security requirements you should check with the security department of the organisation and of course advised good capacity planning which also is very important for your design.

What the average geek found most interesting where topics like: “What size of ESX host will you buy?”, “How to run vCenter in a VM”, “VMFS best practises”, “Understanding queue depth and lun size” and more….

For this presentation I would like to thank all the guys that worked with me together on this in Google Wave (See page 2). Thanks !!!!

Below you’ll find the PDF of my presentation.

Design tips for VMware vSphere 4

Design tips for VMware vSphere 4